Just like home, our day to day activities vary depending on weather and infant/toddler energy/mood levels. Some days the kids can't wait to get to the park. Other days, they just want to hang out at home.

When out and about, babies are worn in a sling so that they can be kept safe and warm while the toddlers get the outside free play time they need.

To the side is what a typical day during the school-year looks like. On days off (holidays/summer) we're free to come and go depending on what activity we choose to do for the day, which ranges from going to the zoo, the library, hiking at the park, or whatever the kids come up with for the day.

Our Typical Day

7:15am (or later)   Parent Drop-off  

7:30    Breakfast (MUST be here by 7:30am)

8:00    Leave to take children to school/
           Play Time/Child-Led Free Time

9:30    Snack time/Late Breakfast (for late comers)

Play Time/Child-Led Free Time

11:00   Lunch

12:00-3pm   Relax Time/Reading Time/Nap Time

 4:15pm (or earlier)   Parent Pick-up


410-533-9062  |  MD Lic # 156360 


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